Our story

About Us

We design beautiful and durable products to accompany people who see meaning in the small things in life. People that are always ready for great moments and exciting new experiences.

Handcrafted with passion

A Nordweg backpack takes about 4 hours to be made. Each of our talented craftsman can sew only 2 backpacks a day.

We do our best to make products that are not only beautiful, but practical and durable, Nordweg's are real life companions.

The Southern Brazil mountains

All the Nordwegs are made in a little and charming German town settled between the mountains of Southern Brazil.

Picada Café has a strong german heritage. This heritage translates in craftsmanship, attention to details and elegance, values that have been shared through generations.

"A Good Life"

Our mantra is “A good life” and this simple idea is applied to every aspect of our business. From great customer service to how we treat our employees.

Innovative Workflow

The main tool we use for customer service is Zendesk. This software combines all customer messages from Facebook, Twitter, website enquiries and emails into a single easy to manage flow. In addition to Zendesk, our team also uses Trello to manage tasks, Slack for internal communication and G Suite for documents, spreadsheets and files. Finances and invoices are managed by Conta Azul and our pick for newsletters is Mailchimp. Read more about the competitive advantage that tech provides Nordweg on our blog.

Ethical Employer

What differentiates Nordweg from other Brazilian brands is that our ethical standards are very western for a Brazilian company. We pay our employees an above average compensation for the work they do and use traditional methods of leather processing learned from their German ancestors. Nowadays, the factory positively impacts more than twenty local families, in the very same community we've started in.